Odoo many2many write a prisoner

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Use Odoo Studio to Create a Custom App

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We have thousands of pen pals in prison to select from. In this blog-post you will learn what is a model and how to create a model in an odoo module.

What is a Model in Odoo? In Odoo, model is a class that maps to the data relation (table) and potentially bridge tables (e.g. for many to many relations). It contains the essential fields and.

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Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged python sql python odoo odoo or ask your own question. Chained related fields modification will trigger invalidation of the cache for all elements of the chain.

Property Field ¶ There is some use cases where value of the field must change depending of. Jan 12,  · res_group_id=cerrajeriahnosestrada.com2many('cerrajeriahnosestrada.com','rel_faculty_group', string="Assign Group",required=True) The above code will create a Many2many field in our employee/faculty table.

The relation of this field is with Odoo groups (cerrajeriahnosestrada.com) table.

Odoo many2many write a prisoner
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Use Odoo Studio to Create a Custom Application