Gender differences in delinqency

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A Scare and Assessment. Holds that gender differences in the delinquency rate are a function of class differences that influence the structure of family life. Egalitarian families Husband and wife share power at home; daughters gain a kind of freedom similar to that of sons, and their law-violating behaviors mirror those of their brothers.

Examining the usefulness of the power-control theory to predict gender differences in delinquency on a cross-cultural sample of youth from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and East Berlin and West Berlin, Germany (after reunification).

This article considers differences in patterns of youth delinquency and problem behaviour between boys and girls. It uses cross-sectional surveys of self-reported youth offending in 11 European countries, and a similar survey covering various ethnic groups in Rotterdam, both carried out in This discussion of gender and crime first reviews both current and historical information on the rates and patterns of female crime in relation to male crime.

The discussion is followed by a consideration of theoretical explanations of female crime and gender differences in crime. The gender differences reported in Table 1 remain, with only two exceptions: we no longer find significant differences between men and women on the life-prisonterm item, and on the importance-of-crime-as-a-problem item.

Despite the overall decline of juvenile crime in the last decade, arrest rates for girls have been static as compared to boys. Due to the overall higher arrest rates for boys, more resources have been deployed towards their diversion from the juvenile justice system.

Gender differences in delinqency
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Gender differences on crime and punishment