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In this experiment, the bell starts out as a neutral stimulus (it elicits no response), and the food is an unconditioned stimulus (it elicits an unconditioned, or natural, response).

The stimulus that was previously neutral now stimulated the response to salivate, in other words, the bell is now a conditioned stimulus(CS) and the salivation is the conditioned response(CR).

Without the Acquisition stage the eventual conditioned response wouldn’t have the strength to associate the conditioned stimuli. The conditioned stimulus is a stimulus that even though it at one time was purely neutral, it will trigger the conditioned response because of the association with the unconditioned stimulus.

In Pavlov’s dog experiment, the conditioned stimulus was the “bell”, also the sound, or feeling. The conditioned response (CR) is the response to the conditioned stimulus, whereas the unconditioned response (UR) corresponds to the unconditioned stimulus. Pavlov reported many basic facts about conditioning; for example, he found that learning occurred most rapidly when the interval between the CS and the appearance of the US was relatively.

According to Pavlov, specific terms begin to be used to describe conditioning such as unconditioned response and conditioned response. Based on Ivan Pavlov’s experiment, the natural response to food for a dog is to salivate.

This is called unconditioned response (UCR) to the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), which in this case is the food. The tone was the conditioned stimulus, the stimulus that the dogs learned to associate with food.

The conditioned response to the tone was salivation.

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The conditioned response is usually the same as, or similar to, the unconditioned response.

Conditioned stimulus conditioned response essay
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