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Repellents Market Major Repellent Manufacturers Are Balsara Hygiene, Bayer, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

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Brand: Balsara Hygeine Products

Inherent Power of The Court To Grant Restitution Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd., () 5 SCC AIR SC 8. KN Krishnappa v. TR Gopal. Repellents arealso known as insect repellents, substances or chemicals applied to clothing, skin or other surfaces for dissuading insects from the surface.

The Rs 1,crore fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) major Dabur India today announced the acquisition of the Mumbai-based Balsara Hygiene and Home Products in a Rs crore all-cash deal.

Appln No M/S. Bajaj Auto Ltd. M/S. Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd. M/S. Depening & Depenning M/S. Tas & Co. Sharma 10/06/ Bom Appln No M/S.

Intel Corporation M/S. Maple Cybertech Intermatics Pvt Ltd. M/S. Ranjan Narula Associates M/S. A.T. Bhagat & Co. Sharma.

Dabur snaps up Balsara in Rs 143 cr deal

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Dabur completes merger of 3 Balsara cos Balsara hygiene products ltd
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