Are we losing our edge response

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I’ve seen it happen many times, but it never ceases to sadden me. An organization starts off with a clear vision and an impervious commitment to excellence, but as it grows, the vision blurs and excellence gets diluted through a series of compromises.

The OKC Edge - Giving You The On Geek Society and Pop Culture, In OKC and surrounding areas, while promoting local Artists and Musicians. Introduction to Thinking At the Edge. By Eugene T.

Investment Behaviors & Beliefs

Gendlin, Ph.D. University of Chicago. The Folio, Vol. 19 No. 1, Buy this issue TAE Steps (Additional resource) Translations of this article. The Safariland Group manufactures and distributes law enforcement and security products including duty gear, holsters, body armor and tactical headsets.


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This list of recommended authors and books is in no way intended to be a comprehensive, definitive or authoritative list of nondual or spiritual books. • Are you suffering a recent break-up or a lingering wound from the past?

• Having trouble finding someone or getting a relationship to last?

Are we losing our edge response
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