Angela carter metafiction

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Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus : A Routledge Study Guide

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Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus

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La métafiction et les nouvelles d'Angela Carter

A highly original and influential work of modern British literature, Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus combines a fantastically creative plot with a strong political undertone.

These are the sources and citations used to research Metafiction and the supernatural in Queer literature of Britain and America. This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me. This article analyzes Angela Carter's use of metafiction in two novels. The suspension of disbelief is used as a metafictional device which allows Carter to explore both how fictional worlds are constructed by means of words, and the.

Angela Carter "The Werewolf" In “The Werewolf,” Angela Carter embellishes the “Little Red Riding Hood story” with a dark twist, presenting the reader with a retelling of the traditional fairy tale in order to explore notions of femininity.

1. my "Feminist Metafiction and Androcentric Reading Strategies: Angela Carter's Reconstructed Reader in Nights at the Circus." 2. Joanne Frye's discussion of .

Angela carter metafiction
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